Welcome to my website and to the people and worlds that have sprung to life in my imagination. I hope you enjoy or will come to enjoy meeting all of them.

The novels of the Star Commandos series form the core of my work to date. Each tale can be read independently, but together, they form an ongoing story of high adventure and strong characters bound to one another in ever-deepening relationships as they work together to build their own future and their ultrasystem's. All will be carefully revised and edited and will be made available by MuseItUp Publishing in electronic format. STAR COMMANDOS, the first book; COLONY IN PERIL, book 2; MISSION UNDERGROUND, book 3; DEATH PLANET, book 4, MIND SLAVER, book 5, RETURN TO WAR, book 6, FIRE PLANET, book 7, JUNGLE ASSAULT, book 8, CALL TO ARMS, book 9, WATCHDOGS OF SPACE, book 10, and PARIAH, book 11, have already been released in electronic format by MuseItUp Publishing.

THE BASTET TRILOGY, an anthology detailing the stories of three heroic cats and their human Partners, has been released in electronic format by Musa Publishing.

The TROUBLE THE CAT anthology and THE GIFT OF MAGIC, a fantasy novel featuring Trouble and his associates, have been released in electronic format by Musa Publishing.

LIGHT IN THE FACE OF DARK, an anthology containing three short stories set in universes created by s-f/fantasy great Andre Norton, has been released in electronic format by Musa Publications.

Besides writing in my own universes, I have enjoyed the great privilege of being invited to work in three created by Andre Norton, the Grand Dame of Science Fiction. There is a tale in each of her two-novel Witch World volumes STORMS OF VICTORY and FLIGHT OF VENGEANCE. In addition, FIREHAND is a continuation of her Time Traders series and REDLINE THE STARS of the Solar Queen series.

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PARIAH, Book 11, Star Commandos.
While traveling to Hedon for a much needed furlough, the unit is stranded on Elaine of Avalon when their fighter encounters mechanical problems. As they begin making repairs, Varn Tarl Sogan, former admiral and still War Prince of the Arcturian Empire, finds that he is none too welcome. An escalating conspiracy is formed to humiliate, injure, and finally destroy him and his comrades. Yet the greatest danger on Elaine of Avalon may not be its human inhabitants, but the monstrous creatures of its seas: barracands, nine to sixty-foot eating machines; and an over one-hundred-fifty-foot leviathan with teeth the size of sabers. From every quarter the Commandos must defend one another from a hostile populace and a deadly environment if they are to escape back into the safety of space, and it is obvious on all too many occasions that they may well not succeed.
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“I appreciate very much having had the chance to read Pauline Griffin’s STAR COMMANDOS. This is excellent s-f adventure, but it also contains depth in its characters and awakens in the reader a constant desire to know more of them and a concern for them. I consider this one of the best stories of its type that I have read for some time. And I hope to meet the two protagonists again in some future story. This is s-f adventure at its brightest and best.”

Andre Norton